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Health Professions Electives – General

PHA 6935

Veterinary Pharmacy

This one-of-a-kind course serves as the premier source for education of pharmacy students in veterinary pharmacy utilizing distance education. The courses allow all interested students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in this growing field of veterinary pharmacy and veterinary therapeutics

PHA 6935

History in Pharmacy Leadership

Will trace the history and people behind the transformation of pharmacy profession. Integrated will be insights on leadership characteristics that helps facilitate transformation.

PHA 6935

Development of Pharmacy Leadership

This online course consists of reading one leadership themed book to prepare an oral and written presentation. Students will complete the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students Inventory. Will develop self-awareness of potential leadership skills, abilities, and beliefs as one plans for assuming leadership roles to advance the profession.

PHA 6557

Clinical Toxicology

Clinical Toxicology 1 is a 3-credit course that provides students with knowledge about the toxic effects of a number of important therapeutic drug classes as well as additional insight into a number of organ systems that have not been covered in General Toxicology.

PHA 6855

Forensic Genetics

This is a foundation course in human molecular genetics designed to provide an understanding of basic genetic principles. This precursor to forensic DNA analysis will address some of the important issues in genetics including genome mapping and the role of gene dysfunction in disease.

PHA 6852

Mammalian Molecular Biology

This course will focus on the principles of modern molecular biology and biochemistry and expand on the concepts you may have already encountered in other classes in this program. The content will also include the application of experimental techniques and procedures routinely used in this field.

Precision Medicine

PHA 6935

Clinical Pharmacogenomics Implementation

Explore ways to implement use of pharmacogenetic tests in patient care. The course will address barriers to clinical implementation of pharmacogenetic tests by referencing appropriate guidelines and evidence-based and peer-review recourses.

PHA 6935

Clinical Applications of Precision Medicine: Oncology

This course reviews knowledge and clinical applications of precision medicine approaches and technologies in diagnosing or treating cancer, including the genetics of cancer, targeted cancer treatments, somatic testing, current and future research and clinical trends and other information.

Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy

PHA 5271

Health Care Risk Management

This course will provide an introduction to the concept of risk management in healthcare settings. The course will provide a historical perspective on the development of health care risk management, the role of the health care risk manager, the principles of health care risk management and the connection between risk management, quality improvement and corporate compliance in various health care settings.

PHA 6250

Patient Responsibility in Health Care

This course provides a broad overview of the psychological factors that either facilitate or impede patient engagement and involvement in their own therapeutic regimens. Topics will be centered on the partnership between providers and patients and will draw from a variety of concepts. The goal of the course is to prepare providers with knowledge and tools to increase the likelihood of successful care partnerships with patients, thus facilitating more positive therapeutic outcomes.