Veterinary Pharmacy

This course is offered 100% online every fall, spring and summer term!

PHA6935 – Veterinary Pharmacy

This one-of-a-kind course serves as the premier source for education of pharmacy students in veterinary pharmacy utilizing distance education. The courses allow all interested students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in this growing field of veterinary pharmacy and veterinary therapeutics. In the 15+ years that the course has been offered, over 3000 pharmacy students have participated from 60 different schools of pharmacy in North America. 
Credits: 2
Terms Offered: Fall, spring and summer semester(s)

  • Equip students with a knowledge base on the clinical uses and indications of human and veterinary labeled medications in the treatment of diseases affecting animal patients.
  • Enable students to recall common animal disease states affecting companion animals with emphasis on pharmacotherapy options.
  • Focus on the unique legal and regulatory issues that affect the practice of veterinary pharmacy.
  • Discover, explore and apply of text and internet-based veterinary-specific resources to support students in their ability to problem solve when filling animal prescriptions.
  • Communicate effectively with animal owners and veterinarians to: meet state-mandated counseling requirements, ensure patient safety, and solve drug administration problems.
  • Discuss current topics in veterinary medicine and veterinary pharmacy.


Week Topic
Week 1 First Week of Class
Week 2 Legal and Regulatory
Week 3 Veterinary Informatics
Week 4 Diabetes
Week 5 KCS, Anti-Infectives
Week 6 Thyroid Disorders, CHF
Week 7 Epilepsy, Urinary Incont
Week 8 Exam #1
Week 9 EPI, Separation Anxiety
Week 10 Osteoarthritis, Otitis Externa
Week 11 Adrenal Diseases, Heartworm Preventatives, Flea/Tick
Week 12 Chemotherapy, TPN
Week 13 Human/Animal Bond
Week 14 Analgesics and Anesthetics
Week 15 Public Health, Exam #2


$575 per credit hour plus student fees

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Required Materials

No Textbooks are required for this class.

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