History in Pharmacy Leadership

This course is offered 100% online every fall, spring and summer term!

PHA6935 – History in Pharmacy Leadership
Will trace the history and people behind the transformation of pharmacy profession.  Integrated will be insights on leadership characteristics that helps facilitate transformation. 
Credits: 2
Terms offered: Fall, Spring and Summer (starting Spring 2021)
Course dates (Spring 2021): January 11th, 2021 – April 18th, 2021

  • Equip students with a knowledge base on the clinical uses and indications of human and veterinary labeled medications in the treatment of diseases affecting animal patients.
  • Enable students to recall common animal disease states affecting companion animals with emphasis on pharmacotherapy options.
  • Focus on the unique legal and regulatory issues that affect the practice of veterinary pharmacy.
  • Discover, explore and apply of text and internet-based veterinary-specific resources to support students in their ability to problem solve when filling animal prescriptions.
  • Communicate effectively with animal owners and veterinarians to: meet state-mandated counseling requirements, ensure patient safety, and solve drug administration problems.
  • Discuss current topics in veterinary medicine and veterinary pharmacy.


Week Topic
Week 1 Introduction
Week 2 Mentorship plan – goals
Week 3 Roots of Clinical Pharmacy 1900-1959
Week 4 1960-1969
Week 5 Transformation to Clinical Pharmacy 1970-1979
Week 6 1980-1989
Week 7 1990-1999
Week 8 2000-2009
Week 9 2010-2019
Week 10 Transformation of profession
Week 11 The Future – Workforce, Education, Practice
Week 12 Leadership
Week 13 Leadership
Week 14 Leadership


$575 per credit hour plus student fees

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Contact the instructor, Dr. Therese Poirier

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Contact dess@ahc.ufl.edu

Required Materials

Elenbaas R, Worthen D, Webb E. Clinical Pharmacy in the United States. Transformation of a Profession. ACCP. 2019. 2nd edition 

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