History in Pharmacy Leadership

This course is offered 100% online every fall, spring and summer term!

PHA6935 – History in Pharmacy Leadership
Will trace the history and people behind the transformation of pharmacy profession.  Integrated will be insights on leadership characteristics that helps facilitate transformation. 
Credits: 2
Terms offered: Fall, Spring and Summer

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Define leadership.
  2. Describe characteristics, behaviors and practices of effective leaders.
  3. Identify leaders inside and outside the profession.  
  4. Develop mentoring relationships.
  5. Reflect on characteristics of leaders who assisted in transforming the profession of pharmacy.
  6. Describe key events in history of pharmacy that brought transition of profession to enhanced patient care role including legislative and policy products.
  7. Integrate and reflect on leadership principles as identified from the selected leadership book that could accelerate transformation of the profession.
  8. Develop self-awareness of personal characteristics possessed to lead change.
  9. Develop a vision for transformation of the profession within the next 20 years.


Week Topic
Week 1 Introduction
Week 2 Mentorship plan – goals
Week 3 Roots of Clinical Pharmacy 1900-1959
Week 4 1960-1969
Week 5 Transformation to Clinical Pharmacy 1970-1979
Week 6 1980-1989
Week 7 1990-1999
Week 8 2000-2009
Week 9 2010-2019
Week 10 Transformation of profession
Week 11 The Future – Workforce, Education, Practice
Week 12 Leadership
Week 13 Leadership
Week 14 Leadership


$575 per credit hour plus student fees

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Contact the instructor, Dr. Therese Poirier

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Contact dess@ahc.ufl.edu

Required Materials

Elenbaas R, Worthen D, Webb E. Clinical Pharmacy in the United States. Transformation of a Profession. ACCP. 2019. 2nd edition 

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