Herbal and Dietary Supplements

PHA 6357 – Herbal & Dietary Supplements

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida offers a course in herbal and dietary supplements to healthcare professionals interested in advancing their knowledge in this growing field.


Module Topic
Module 1 Definitions and drug extraction procedures
Module 2 St. John’s wort and other antidepressant herbal and dietary supplements
Module 3 Kava kava and other anxiolytic supplements
Module 4 Valerian and other sleep-inducing herbal remedies
Module 5 Ginkgo and other neuroprotective supplements
Module 6 Case studies I
Module 7 Black cohosh and other supplements for menstrual irregularities
Module 8 Saw palmetto and other supplements for Men’s health
Module 9 Ginseng and other CNS and weight loss supplements
Module 10 Bilberry and other supplements for circulatory disorders
Module 11 Supplements for other disorders
Module 12 Case studies II

Terms Offered



$575/credit hour plus student fees

Questions regarding the course?

Contact the course instructor, Oliver Grundmann, Clinical Assistant Professor.

Questions about the application and registration process?

Contact dess@ahc.ufl.edu

Required Materials

No textbooks are required for this class.

Library Access

Distance Education and UF Online Students enjoy the same library privileges as on-campus students.