Development of Pharmacy Leadership

This course is offered 100% online every fall, spring and summer term!

PHA6935 – Development of Pharmacy Leadership

Will develop self-awareness of potential leadership skills, abilities, and beliefs as one plans for assuming leadership roles to advance the profession. This online course consists of reading one leadership themed book to prepare an oral and written presentation.  Students will complete the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students Inventory.
Credits: 1
Terms offered: Fall, Spring and Summer
Course Prerequisite: History in Pharmacy Leadership course (recommended). It is recommended that students take History of Pharmacy prior to enrolling in this course, however, Development of Pharmacy Leadership can be taken on its own.

  • Define leadership.
  • Describe characteristics, behaviors and practices of effective leaders.
  • Identify leaders inside and outside the profession.  
  • Identify one successful pharmacy leader who one wishes to emulate and reflect on characteristics responsible for their success.
  • Integrate and reflect on leadership principles as identified from the selected leadership book that could accelerate transformation of the profession.
  • Develop self-awareness of personal characteristics possessed to lead change.
  • Develop a vision for transformation of the profession within the next 20 years.


Week Topic
Week 1 Introduction
Week 2 Research into successful pharmacy leader. Begin reading selected book
Week 3 Continue reading selected book
Week 4 Continue reading selected book
Week 5 Continue reading selected book
Week 6 Submit oral presentation on book
Week 7 Submit written presentation on book


$575 per credit hour plus student fees

Questions regarding course content?

Contact the instructor, Dr. Therese Poirier

Questions about the application and registration process?


Required Materials

  • Shankman M, Allen S, Facca T. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students Inventory. Jossey-Bass Student Leadership
  • Recorded pharmacy leaders interviews
  • Communication to be used in the course/use of course management system ( is Blackboard).  A discussion open forum is available if there are any course questions.

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