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The elective courses are offered through various Health Science Center colleges at the University of Florida and are administered entirely online during a given semester. The courses focus on specialty […]

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Heavy drinking, smoking can make you look older

March 15, 2018

Looking your age isn’t necessarily about vanity, it can be a sign of good health. By contrast, scientists are increasingly finding that looking older than your biological age suggests a higher risk...

Hot tea may reduce glaucoma risk

March 12, 2018

If you drink hot tea, you might be getting an unexpected health benefit: A cup a day might reduce the risk of glaucoma. Researchers from Brown University and the University of California made the...

Life expectancy for men drops again in U.S.

March 14, 2018

Despite all of the advances in medicine in recent years, one key indicator of health in America is not looking good: Life expectancy has fallen for the second straight year. For men, that is....

Long kisses transfer bacteria from one mouth to another

March 13, 2018

Before you pucker up, ponder this: There’s something lurking in that kiss. A study published in the journal Microbiome showed that people share more than saliva during a passionate embrace. In fact,...

Spring clean your medicine cabinet

March 16, 2018

Planning to spring clean your home? Don’t forget to look through your medicine cabinet. Chances are, your medicine cabinet is full of half-used prescription bottles and cold medicine. Leftover drugs...