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The elective courses are offered through various Health Science Center colleges at the University of Florida and are administered entirely online during a given semester. The courses focus on specialty […]

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Focusing on a pet’s life yet to be lived

April 15, 2019

Not long ago, euthanasia was considered the only humane end-of-life option for pets. But…

Keeping tabs on pet food recalls

April 16, 2019

Periodically, pet foods are recalled for dangerous ingredients. Sometimes that even includes too much…

Kittens, kittens everywhere

April 17, 2019

Every year, feral cats start breeding in January. By March, kitten births have spiked…

Obesity and the shrinking brain

April 16, 2019

The list of reasons to keep your weight down is already a long one.…

Zero gravity affects astronauts backs even after they land

April 17, 2019

Miles above the Earth’s atmosphere, common human maladies still plague the few men and…