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The elective courses are offered through various Health Science Center colleges at the University of Florida and are administered entirely online during a given semester. The courses focus on specialty […]

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Beef up your protein knowledge

November 20, 2017

You’ve likely seen marketing for high-protein foods. It has become a popular label on everything from bread to ice cream. Athletes swear by protein shakes after a workout and various protein bars...

New dads are getting older in the United States

November 16, 2017

Men in the U.S. are waiting longer than ever before becoming fathers, with the average new dad now nearly 31 years old. That’s more than three years older than a new dad was in the 1970s and tracks...

New knees, hips don’t lead to increased activity, studies show

November 17, 2017

Most patients who have had total knee or hip replacements aren’t more physically active six months after surgery, even though they report less pain and a better quality of life, a recent review has...

New moles present biggest threat for skin cancer

November 15, 2017

Fall is here and for many people in the United States, that means the end of the tanning season, time to put away your bathing suits and beach bags. It’s also a good time for people to take stock of...

Questions raised about new treatment for low back pain

November 14, 2017

If you have chronic low back pain, you can count yourself as part of the in-crowd. Nearly 80 percent of us contend with it, especially as adults. There are a number of ways to address the pain, and...